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*Manufacturing line remote monitoring service

Watch this simulation video showcasing our manufacturing line remote monitoring service.
This service allows operators to verify system operation for line operation and stoppages.

This section introduces the system configuration for our manufacturing line remote monitoring service.

2ラインの場合 受信機、送信機、光センサー、磁気センサー

Adopted devices

Real-time visualization of vital information such as production volume, stoppage time, and cycle time.

サービス構成 生産数や停止時間など現場で必要な情報をリアルタイムに自動検出・視える化します。



Q:What are the initial costs?

Initial setup costs include 90,000 JPY for a single receiver, and 2,000 JPY for each transmitter. Installation and engineer dispatch costs are charged separately, however, only the initial setup cost will be required if you decide to install the equipment yourself. Some of our customers opt to do so. The minimum initial costs is therefore 92,000 JPY.

Q:How much does the software cost?

The cost of software is included in the monthly usage fee.

Q:How much does it cost to purchase the transmitters, receiver, sensors and so on?

All of these devices are provided to our customers as part of our rental plan, and therefore no initial cost is required. The rental cost for these devices is included in the monthly usage fee.

Q:How much do software updates cost?

iSTC provides a free cloud-based software update service to ensure that our customers always have the latest functions. A separate fee may be required if new functions are added to updates and customers wish to take advantage of these functions, however, we are unable to say at this time.

Q:How much is the usage fee?

The usage fee differs depending on the number of lines on which the service is adopted. Please refer to our price table for the adoption cost based on number of lines. Please contact iSTC to request the price table.

Q:What is included in the monthly usage fee for receiver and transmitters?

The receiver monthly usage fee includes a usage fee for receiver, a cloud usage fee, and a fee for packet communication from the receiver to the cloud. The transmitter monthly usage fee includes the usage fee for a single transmitter and sensor.

Q:Are there any additional costs besides the monthly usage fee?

No. However, a separate communication fee is required for customers viewing cloud-based data.

Q:I wish to make use of subsidies. Can I make a lump sum payment?

Yes. Please contact iSTC for details.


Q:What is the cost of installation?

The actual cost of transport and labor will be required if an iSTC engineer is dispatched to carry out installation. The cost will differ depending on the location and applicable equipment. Please contact iSTC for details.

Q:Can we install the system by ourselves?

The installation procedure is not so difficult, and therefore possible in most cases. Many of our customers install the system by themselves.


Q:Do the transmitters require a 100 VAC power supply?

Two size AA batteries are required. The shorter the cycle time, the shorter the battery life, however, you can expect the batteries to last approximately 2 to 6 months. A battery mark is displayed, allowing the user to know how much battery life is remaining.

Q:Can information other than production volume be recorded?

No other information is currently used, however, there are extra input terminals on the module, making it technically possible. We will support new information categories from those with most demand.

Q:Is network installation work necessary for LAN, etc.?

Communication is performed wirelessly, and therefore no installation work is required.。


Q:How many transmitters can be connected to a single receiver?

The connection of up to 30 transmitters has been successfully tested at iSTC. This may vary, however, depending on factory noise and transmission distance.

Display, operation terminal

Q:Is it necessary to purchase a dedicated terminal?

It is not necessary. Information can be viewed on a standard smartphone or tablet.

Q:Is it necessary to install a dedicated application?

It is not necessary. A standard browser is sufficient. We recommend the use of Google Chrome, however, browsers such as Safari can be used in most cases.


Q:What kind of cloud security is offered?

The cloud is protected by cloud security. It is so secure that we ourselves were unable to rewrite the software.


Q:Is it necessary to prepare a WiFi environment?

The receiver is equipped with a SIM procured by iSTC, and data has been uploaded to this card. A WiFi environment is necessary if viewing information on a tablet or smartphone.

Q:How often is data updated?

Data is uploaded to the cloud as soon as production data becomes available, and therefore data is updated in real time. The display update is dependent on the communication speed. In most cases there will be a delay of approximately 2 or 3 seconds, however, there may be a further delay if the communication status is poor.


Q:Are rental tablets available?

Rental tablets are available if using iSTC's system. Rental contract conditions allow that tablets be replaced free of charge if dropped or damaged by oil, etc., making them ideal for use in factories. Please contact iSTC for details.

Q:Is it necessary to purchase any special equipment?

No. A smartphone or similar device is sufficient. A separate fee will be required if requests are made do view the production status and Andon display on a large display.

Q:We don't like using the cloud. Is an on-premises version of the software available?

It is technically possible, however, this presents many demerits such as being unable to use the latest software version, in addition to being more expensive, and therefore there are no plans to provide an on-premises version at this time.

Q:We do not wish to use a wireless connection. Is it possible to use a wired connection?

It is technically possible, however, no wired connection function is currently available.

Q:Does data loss occur?

If using a wireless connection, data loss will not be zero. Data transfer will be affected by transmission distance, as well as the environment inside the factory, however, thus far, data loss has only occurred with respect to 1% of data.

Q:Is a fee incurred if the contract is canceled during the contract period?

The receiver SIM contract is for 1 year, and therefore a usage fee will be required for the remaining number of months. A transmitter usage fee will be required up to the end of the applicable month. Please note that customers will be required to return both the receiver and transmitters at that time.


Q:We are not confident enough to make improvements by ourselves. Are there any instructions on improvements that should be made?

A contracted iSTC improvement member or consultant recommended by iSTC can be dispatched for a separate fee if required.


Q:Can you come to repair the system if it breaks down?

As a rule, we ask that users send necessary equipment such as transmitters and receivers to iSTC for replacement. This is required to minimize the monthly usage fee, and therefore we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Q:How long is the warranty period?

The warranty covers the entire contract period as a rule.